Drakkar – Mobile Vikings

The Drakkar Android app is about getting information from your Mobile Vikings (a mobile provider) sim plan. This by making it a simple, lightweight experience. Have a look at the app, maybe install it, from the store!


Making this app speeds up my learning curve of the Android development platform, since it intrigues me. It’s really fun to learn, make and build stuff for Android!


Why and how, you can read about in this blog post!

JTwitterBootstrap (fork it on github), is a minimalistic effort to add Twitter Bootstrap to a Joomla 2.5 template. I could only find a paid alternative (Joostrap) so I decided to create an open source one! Why would you need this template? This template includes the Twitter Bootstrap libraries and overrides some of the Joomla core components (like login, search, …) to make it look good with Twitter Bootstrap.

As of Joomla 3.0, you don’t need to use a template like JTwitterBootstrap, since they have built-in Twitter Bootstrap in the core of Joomla!


“Vallei van de Zuidleie” is a site that I have created for a nature reserve situated next to the channel from Bruges to Gent. As kid I used to work there together with my dad and brothers, cutting trees, mowing and cleaning to give unique plants and animals a chance to have a spot of rest. And of course it’s the perfect spot to walk, to think about thinks and enjoy the calm and silence that radiates there!

I started building with a Joomla installation and a Dutch language pack. I had to search a lot of components and plugins, and most of them needed to be configured and even changes to the source files. On the time of writing, the site isn’t complete yet. But the deadline is February 2010.

The most important thing about the site was that it had lots of pictures, and also some interaction with the visitors. Like uploading your own pictures.

The template is custom, but as I did the layout to, it looks like the standard ja-purity, only coded simpler and without to much bells and whistles.

The most I like about this site is the beauty of all the pictures, and of course the JavaScript system that enables you looking at them. Check it out and enjoy!

Channel view.


This is the site of a youth movement located near Bruges, in the town Oostkamp & Beernem. I have created this site for personal reasons, because I’m a part of the crew.


It uses Joomla as content management system. Every leader with an account on the site has the following options:

  • Adding activities to the calender.
  • Uploading new pictures to the image gallery.
  • Modifying articles.
  • Posting new news.

Interaction with visitors from the site:

  • Reading all the content.
  • Searching for activities.
  • Putting texts in a guest book.
  • Contacting us with a form.

If you want to visit the site, click here!